About This Project

Helena Reveal

Hi! I am Helena Reveal (the one in the baseball hat) and I am a Girl Scout from Nashville, Tennessee. I started Girl Scouts as a Daisy and this year I bridged to Ambassador. This website is my Gold Award Project. The Gold Award is the top award in Girl Scouts, earned by only 5.4% of Girl Scouts nationally. Gold Award projects acknowledge a need in the global community and create a new, sustainable solution to address that need. I created this website because I, as well as other students, were frustrated with the lack of diversity in the required reading lists for high school. I hope this site will make it easier for readers to find more diverse alternatives to standard texts.

Howe We Compute MoreScore

A MoreScore is a single number, from 0 to 6, that gives users a quick and easy way to understand the diversity of the protagonist in a story. The MoreScore breaks down into three components:

0whitecisgender malestraight
1undisclosedcisgender female, transgender maleundisclosed
2non-whitenon-binary person, transgender femalenon-straight

Importance of Intersectionality

The term "intersectionality" was coined by Columbia University Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. She proposed intersectionality as a tool to illustrate the problems of thinking about race and gender as mutually exclusive categories. At MoreDiverse.com we use intersectionality to help understand the many different facets of identity. Currently, we index protagonists by race, sexuality, and gender. There is more we could do, but it's a good place to start. (Image courtesy of The Laura Flanders Show.)


Restdb provides a document database as a service platform for the development of web applications. Database design and data management are done through a web interface. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development are all done in Restdb's web-based code editor.


Restdb.io uses the templateing engine handlebars.js to make it simple to write HTML code using data stored in a databse. Restdb has added a set of custom extensions that make it easier to work with Restdb data.

Google Books API

The Google Books API provides us with ISBN numbers, plot summaries, page counts, and book cover images. This is a public API.

Lexile Score Database

The Lexile database is a proprietary database that provides a standardized measure to match readers with texts that they will be able to read successfully. A license to access this database was generously donated by MetaMetrics Inc..


Materialize CSS is a project to implement Google's Material Design standards in CSS. This allows web applications like morediverse.com to quickly and easily follow best practices for interface design!


Chartjs is a canvas based javascript graphing library. We use it to create the graphs on our data page. It has great documentation and is straightforward to implement.