About This Project

Helena Reveal

Founder, MoreDiverse. Based in Nashville, TN and Columbus, OH.

About me

Hello! My name is Helena Reveal, I am from Nashville, Tennessee, I am currently a fourth-year at Ohio State, studying Public Policy and Spanish, and I am planning to obtain a Masters in Library Information Sciences in the future. I was a Girl Scout, and this website was my Gold Award project, though it has expanded much beyond that. This site provides easier access to books which 1) allow readers to find stories that have characters with the same identities as themselves and 2) allow readers to find stories that have characters who are different in their identities.

How We Compute MoreScore

A MoreScore is a single number, from 0 to 6, that gives users a quick and easy way to understand the diversity of the protagonist in a story. The MoreScore breaks down into three components:

0whitecisgender malestraight
1undisclosedcisgender female, transgender maleundisclosed
2non-whitenon-binary person, transgender femalenon-straight

Importance of Intersectionality

The term "intersectionality" was coined by Columbia University Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. She proposed intersectionality as a tool to illustrate the problems of thinking about race and gender as mutually exclusive categories. At MoreDiverse.com we use intersectionality to help understand the many different facets of identity. Currently, we index protagonists by race, sexuality, and gender. There is more we could do, but it's a good place to start.

Restdb is database as a service for web applications. Database management and HTML5 development are done in a web-based environment.

Materialize CSS implements Google's Material Design standards in CSS making it easy for morediverse.com to easily follow best practices for interface design!

The Google Books API provides us with ISBN numbers, plot summaries, page counts, and book cover images. This is a public API.

The Lexile score is a way to measure text complexity. A license to access the Lexile score database was generously donated by MetaMetrics Inc.

The templateing engine handlebars.js is used in Restdb to write HTML code using data stored in the databse.

Chartjs is a canvas based javascript graphing library. We use it to create the graphs on our data page. It's simple to learn and easy to customize.


This website was started for my Girl Scout Gold Award, the top award in Girl Scouts. I originally began the website in an effort to address the lack of diversity in the required reading lists for high school, as I was consistently disappointed in the stories I was required to study for my English classes. I felt, at the least, I could provide teachers and students with books that cover the same themes that many of those required texts covered, though with more diverse protagonists.